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C++Builder Sessions at the CodeRage 4 Virtual Developer Conference - September 8-11, 2009

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: Registration is free! Learn from the experts at this totally technical online conference


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CodeRage is coming soon. Here's a list of the C++Builder sessions that have been announced so far.

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C++Builder    C++Builder Sessions at CodeRage 2009

  • Building Awesome Touch Enabled Applications by Chris Bensen
  • Customizing the Object Inspector by Seppy Bloom
  • Delphi and Subversion by Daniel Magin
  • Developing Delphi Components with OpenWire by Boian Mitov
  • Hands-On: Gestures in the VCL by Seppy Bloom
  • New Features in the RAD Studio IDE by Mark Duncan & Darren Kosinski
  • PARTNER SOLUTION: Add Internet Communications, Security, and E-Business Connectivity to Any Application, on Any Platform, Anywhere by Eric Madariaga
  • PARTNER SOLUTION: Audio, Video & Signal Processing in Delphi using Mitov Software Components by Boian Mitov
  • PARTNER SOLUTION: Data Visualization with PlotLab and InstrumentLab by Boian Mitov
  • RAD Studio Product Address by Michael Rozlog
  • Software + Database Archeology for C++ Developers by David Intersimone
  • What's New in the Delphi and C++Builder Debugger by Chris Hesik
  • What's New in the VCL by Nick Hodges


More information on CodeRage      Register for CodeRage     CodeRage Sessions      CodeRage Speakers 

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