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BDNtv: BDS 2006 IDE tips and tricks (webinar replay)

By: John Kaster

Abstract: Watch the replay and read the chat log of this Developer Relations broadcast
Format: Flash
Time: 2:20:02

  BDNtv: BDS 2006 IDE tips and tricks

Presented by: David Wilhelm and David Intersimone

jkaster: different machine causes the noise each time
jkaster inserts the following link:

jkaster:LizR: "Should people be "Im listening" each day?" - it's helpful if they do. Not required. Just gives us another data point for listenership

jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster: BDS 2006 IDE tips and tricks working document/article

jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster: Open Tools for customizing our IDEs

jkaster:LizR: "Will Dave share any more of those "hidden" options for the IDE?" - he is now

jkaster: Dave Wilhelm
jkaster: IDE Engineer

jkaster:NairS: "Is there any place in Borland site that I can see all these features like Control shift Up, Control F12,…" - I just posted an article on this that will be revised quite a bit
jkaster inserts the following link:

jkaster:LizR: "Is it possible to change the hot key so that F9 does a run without the debugg and shift+ctrl+f9 being with.. or any other normally preassigned keycombo swaps?" - dave: the way you would do that would be by extending the keybinding demos

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jkaster: What ever happened to Proxies.pas?

jkaster:Erasmus: "We all want more secrets ..." - working on getting you some

jkaster:MarcoZ: "Could you point out the difference between the .bdsproj and the .cfg files_" - dave: there used to be two files, the cfg and dof. The dof turned into bdsproj. The cfg is used for the command line compiler.

jkaster:cprog: "Is BDS/delphi developed in DELPHI (pascal), C#, C++, Assembly?" - dave: yes! Most of the code is actually Delphi code, and we use the latest version of the compiler to build it so we're always up to date. There are some parts written in C++, such as the compiler and a few other small files. Some things are written in C# because the Delphi.NET compiler wasn't complete when we were writing it.

jkaster:ChrisM: "Does the number of folders on the library path affect IDE performance?" - dave: it will slightly affect IDE performance. We do use that path when you drop a component down, or looking for dcp files, etc. It could slow down compile times as well, but it's pretty minimal.

jkaster:ogiesen: "what controls which categories are collapsed by default in the OI?" - dave: I'm not sure of that one (we'll answer in the chat log)

jkaster:mbentley: "In Delphi, I can "Right clickFind ind declaration of xxxx'. Is there a way to hook this into some key binding? Basiically, how can I set up a key binding for a menu item that does not already have one?" - dave: That would be going back to that IDE keyboard editor demo project

jkaster:mini: "is there a keyboard shortcut to activate the tool palette, so that you can then continue typing to filter for a component without using the mouse at all?" - david: Ctrl+Alt+P

jkaster:dennis_w: "Is there a quick way to browse BDS/C++ source from a call to method, then see it's definition in, possibly other, source file? (ie. like ctags or previous ClassExplorer)." - david: we'll queue that up for the C++ specific talk next week

jkaster:ChrisM: "I have Pentium D box with 2 GB ram, BDS 2006 w/ UP2 and Hotfox rollup in Delphi Win32 personality. The IDE "freezes" fairly often while coding. What can I do to keep the thrashing to a minimum?" - dave: it shouldn't be doing that in the first place. The first thing to try is to turn off all the insights and see if that solves it.

jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster: Please put a report in QC

jkaster:efortier: "Will there ever be a way to edit the hotkeys from within the IDE like in Visual Studio?" - dave: hopefully. It's a high item request. It's been very close to implemented several times.

jkaster: Please put in a QC request and vote for it

jkaster:torben: "My context sensitive F1 help doesn't work - maybe due to some help files merged in from 3rd party components. Any tricks to fix this?" - david: there are some things we found in F1 that it doesn't work correctly. dave: If F1 isn't working, make sure that your files are in the active project. We're working on these issues right now.

jkaster:cprog: "jkaster: thanks again for the url for the Open Tools API (OTA). I'm starting playing a little with it. Can I control the editor? I mean, if I want to integrate a new language in the editor for example, in the IDE is that possible? or is the toolsapi limited? I found a tool called Reflector for .NET that is very usefull to browse the classes, because it's seems that there isn't lots of documentation about the toolsapi." - dave: you can integrate through Tools API, and fire off building, but not project options. You can do syntax highlighting, code completion, live templates ...

jkaster:djones: "Speaking of CFG files, the CFG file does not always get all of the options correctly from the project manager (-NO, -NH, -NB, for example). You (Dave) say that you use the IDE in your everyday development, which would seem to suggest that you have encountered this bug and many other bugs the rest of us have. This leads me to ask, when can we expect to see patches to correct this and other project manager-related problems (both Delphi and C++)? There are plenty of open QC reports, but they do not seem to be getting any attention. A few patches to BDS2006 were released early on, but we haven't seen anything as of late. Can we expect to see some activity in that area soon?" - dave: we actually build the command line options using our own make files. I did go through and look at that code and found the cfg is missing some of the new options. david: we'll fix it in the next version.

jkaster:javi: "In CBuilder06, the auto complete feature is some time very slow, and the sandglass mouse stay for a while stopping you of moving forward. Is auto complete feature faster in BDS?" - david: when you first start the IDE, there's a bit of work done in the background. But every time after that you should see much faster response.

jkaster:DannyK: "How do you Block Mark text to then block tab, untab etc - Thanks DannyK Perth Australia" - Cltrl+Shift+I or U

jkaster:cprog: "Will be the Open Tools API be available in the future versions of BDS?" - david: yes, absolutely

jkaster:cprog: "jkaster: is open tool api OTA a secret? ;)" - no, but not documented as much as it should be ;)

jkaster:ddi: "A long time ago I used Visual C++ (4.0) and I really liked the way it seperate debug versus final release activity. AFAIK Visual Studio still works that way. I find it very annoying in Delphi and BDS to have to manually turn off the debug options, rebuild the app, and create an installation. Then, when problems are found, I have to manually turn the debug options back on and rebuild it just to debug it. Is there some way to set up BDS to make that easier?" - david: C++ project options offer this today

jkaster:Erasmus: "How come BDS 4.0 - did we skip a version ?" - david: that's a VERY good question. This is the fourth version of this generation of the development environment source code. C#Builder was BDS 1.0, Delphi 8 for .NET was BDS 2.0, Delphi 2005 was BDS 3.0, BDS 2006 was BDS 4.0

jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster: QualityCentral reports fixed in DeXter

jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster: Delphi Speed Up

jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster: Bcc32Pch IDE Plugin

jkaster:mbentley: "Every once in a while, my compile messages window disapears and will not come back even going through the view menu. Any ideas?" - please put in a QC report for this
jkaster:Erasmus: "both dE;[HI PERSONALITIES ?" - yes, put a comma between the two personalities

jkaster:ogiesen: "how does Sync Edit Params handle optional/default params?" - I have no idea. Just started playing with it today, sorry.

jkaster:mbentley: "It is a comma" - thanks!

jkaster:djones: "I'd like to add...I've been using TwineCompile for quite a while. It is a very worthwhile plugin for the C++ products as it greatly improves compile times, especially for large projects. Highly recommended. See:" - thanks for the reminder

jkaster:ChrisM: "Can the powerpoint slides be downloaded or can I get a transcript with all of the links that were referenced?" - david: we can provide the slides. The chat log provides all the links we discuss.

jkaster:mbentley: "Could you please just add that registry path to the chat so we can copy it?" - I don't know how that will help

jkaster:MagF: "thumb buttons (xbuttons) doesn't work for code browsing in D2006, it worked in D7.. any comment?" - file a QC report or email, please

jkaster:rscoop: "do english speaking caribbean need to contact hq for upgrade?" - david: it's part of the americas region. Just try calling programmer's paradise. 800 441 1511 x7288

jkaster:mbentley: "I was just asking for the exact registry path name for sync edit since I am not sure I got it all... Thanks!" - it's in the blog linked at the bottom of my tips and tricks article

jkaster:steve_kia: "/ask How long does it take to get a notification acknowledging one is entitled to the offer? More than 24 hours? Have not received one yet." - david: it's more than 24 hours, I just extracted the last 4 days and gave that to our sales people. I'll send email confirmations to all of you

jkaster:ogiesen: "another suggestion: include the chatlog in the download ZIP together with the video." - thanks for the suggestion

jkaster:cprog: "jkaster: if you have some time at the end maybe... could you please show us a very simple example on of how to use open api tools to create elements on the File->New->Other...?" - Please look at CodeCentral's Open Tools API examples
jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster: Tools API submissions in CodeCentral for our IDEs

jkaster:ChrisM: "Is the any way to log the activities of the background compilation? If not for this release, for the next? That would be one way identify performance bottlenecks from the Code Insight functions" - We'll try to answer this in the chat log

jkaster: Thanks everyone!

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Published on: 1/30/2007 3:59:14 PM

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