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CodeGear Developer Network News - September 2007 - RAD Studio 2007, 3rdRail, JGear and more

By: David Intersimone

Abstract: CodeGear (from Borland) Developer Network (CDN) News is an email newsletter for members of the CodeGear Developer Network. Members receive this by email if you expressed an interest (by setting the CDN News flag in your member profile) in getting community news updates.

    RAD Studio 2007 - Rapid Development of Native Windows and .NET applications - is now shipping

Includes Delphi, Delphi for .NET and C++Builder, Build AJAX powered websites with ASP.NET 2.0 and VCL for the Web, Blackfish SQL - the managed SQL database with support for Delphi language stored procedures and triggers, and Delphi for .NET language support for parameterized types.

    3rdRail - High Power Ruby on Rails IDE - is now available

Write applications faster and with fewer keystrokes using intelligent Code Completion. Easily navigate to where you need to be with Code Navigation and view all of a project’s interdependencies with the Dependencies View. Merge the power of the command line with the ease-of-use and productivity of the IDE using CodeGear Commanders. Improve and simplify application design with 3rdRail’s refactoring tools to reorganize application code without changing results. Get a complete, turnkey Ruby on Rails runtime environment including databases, Ruby, Rails, and the Gem manager.

    JGear plug-ins for improved Java development

Do you need to improve the performance of our Java applications? Do you want to speed up development time with graphical tools like an EJB Workbench, Web Services Designer, or UML modeling? JGear plug-ins have you covered. There's even a JGear plug-in that can streamline project setup and enhance collaborative team development.

    Upcoming live, in person CodeGear events

    Recent CDN articles

    Recent CodeGear blog entries

    CodeGear in the News

    Product Roadmaps

    Do you have a development project success story?

If you have a development project success story that you would like to share with other community members or share with CodeGear, send an email to In the subject line include the text "development project success story" along with a little background on the project, the CodeGear product(s) used, and contact information (email, phone number, etc) so that we can follow up with you.

    Write or translate a CDN article and get paid!

The CodeGear Developer Network's "Get Published" Web application allows you to contribute technical articles, news, opinion essays, interviews and other articles. You can also translate an existing article into your spoken language. Many of the articles listed above were written by CDN members. If your article is published, we'll even pay you for it! Do you have knowledge to share with other members? Write it up and head for

    Project "Havoc Report" survey

You've probably heard of The Standish Group's "CHAOS Report"? The CHAOS Report categorizes software project outcomes into three areas: Success, Challenged, and Failed. David I is running his own little survey of project success, challenges, and failures. You can find his "HAVOC Report" survey at

    Find Solutions Fast in Code Central

Code Central is a database driven repository of code samples, components, projects, models, patterns, tools, and more. Code Central allows you to store, search, and retrieve submissions by product, category, date updated, submitter, copyright type, or keyword. Quick links are provided to the most popular authors, popular downloads and highest rated entries. Code Central is your community repository. Feel free to contribute and share your examples with CDN members.

    Reporting product problems and feature suggestions using Quality Central

Quality Central is a request/suggestion box for CodeGear customers. When someone posts an entry, other community members can agree, disagree, rate, vote, or comment on that topic. Quality Central requests can be problem reports, feature suggestions, ideas for community articles, requests for content on the CodeGear web site, and so on.

    Legal Notices

Published on: 9/25/2007 6:01:56 PM

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